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How to prepare for class
First, bring with you compassion and a sense of humor. If this is your first time to yoga, you will find yourself in positions you never thought possible. That's where the sense of humor comes in. Yoga is non-competitive. Yoga is not about being perfect in a posture: that's why they call it "practice." Instead, focus on becoming more self-aware, notice the changes in the body and breath, and what you are able to let go.

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  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you have time to relax and become centered. Let me know if there are any health issues you are dealing with, specifically injuries or recent surgeries.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will not come over your head if you bend over, or split when we do leg stretches. Bare feet helps you stick to your mat and feel connected to the earth.
  • Try to avoid eating a meal less than two hours before class. Digestion requires tremendous energy and can greatly interfere with your practice. Refrain from drinking water during class. We are trying to build tapas (heat) to help muscles become more flexible and release toxins. Do drink plenty of water after class. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water throughout the day, not just before class.
  • Please refrain from talking once you have entered the room. Many students choose to use this time to go inward and to get centered. This way everyone can better leave our daily stresses at the door.
  • I may come around to do hands-on adjustments to help you become more aligned or deepen your posture. If you are not comfortable being adjusted, please let me know.
  • Chanting is part of a classical yoga practice. These range from mantras (phrases that are repeated to still the mind) to joining our voices in the sound of “Aum.” There is no religious meaning to the sound. It is simply joining our voices together in the vibration that is believed to be shared by all beings. It helps to clear our energy channels and is a nice way to end the class. Feel free to join in or enjoy listening.
  • Practice daily. A regular practice brings greater strength, endurance, balance and inner-harmony.
  • Please turn off all cellphones.
  • Remember that each day brings a new perspective to your
    practice; honor whatever you can give in the moment. It is okay to rest in savasana whenever needed during class.

Sticky Mats
Helps in holding positions, keeping hands and feet "stuck" to the floor for safety.

Practice Rugs
For more advanced students who want to use more muscle power.


To help in reaching or using modifications in postures.


Yoga Strap
Aids in reaching, stretching and binding.

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